Graptolithoidea: Order Graptoloidea
Abiesgraptus   Hundt,  1935
Synonym: Gangliograptus Hundt, 1939
Abiesgraptus multiramosus Hundt, 1935. Holotype.
From R. Hundt.
Abiesgraptus multiramosus Hundt, 1935.
Reconstruction. From A.H. Müller.

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Abiesgraptus multiramosus is a cyrtograptid
graptolite of the subfamily Linograptidae. It is
known from the Lower Devonian (
- M. hercynicus Zone) of Central
Europe and North Africa.
Abiesgraptus sp. was
found also in Early Devonian deposits of
Yunan, China.  

Bulman (1970, p. V135) described this
complicated graptolite as follows:

"Rhabdosome complex, comprising procladium
and 3 sicular cladia; procladium and central
sicular cladium bear paired thecal cladia; thecae
simple, without apertural modification."

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updated July 2, 2005