Graptolithoidea: Order Cephalodiscoidea

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Cephalodiscus fumosus John, 1931
updated July 14, 2005
DIAGNOSIS (John 1931, p.256):

Colony in the form of a flat cake-like
mass formed by agglutination of minute
sand particles. Tubes vertical and
parallel, with triangular peristomial lips.
Length of zooids 3.2 mm; dorsal side of
body light brown. Arms eight pairs, with
two black bands in the axis. No
end-swellings with refractive beads.
Buds on each zooid up to ten.

Distribution: Off Cape Bowles, Clarence
Island, depth 342 m, latitude 61S.

To the right you can see an adult zooid
with eight buds. The zooids of
C. fumosus
resemble those of
C. nigrescens, but the
coenoecium is formed by agglutination of
minute sand particles.


John, C.C. 1931.
Cephalodiscus. - Discovery
Reports 3, 223-260.