Graptolithoidea: Order Cephalodiscoidea
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Eocephalodiscus polonicus Kozłowski, 1949
Eocephalodiscus polonicus is the oldest fossil
member of the extant order
Cephalodiscoidea. It was
described by Professor
Roman Kozłowski from  upper
Tremadocian chalcedony beds exposed in the outcrop
of Wysoczki, Poland. This locality has been world
famous since Kozlowski's (1938, 1949) investigations
of the fundamental importance on the
As a result of these studies he recognized some fifty
new species of benthic graptolites, representing the
order Dendroidea and three new orders, i.e. the
Stolonoidea, Camaroidea, and Tuboidea, as well as
some other hemichordate-like groups (Acanthastida,
Graptoblasti, and Graptovermida) difficult to place

To the right you can see the holotype in five views
(from Kozlowski 1949).

Uncertain remains of the Silurian
were described by
Chapman, Durman & Rickards.

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